A Family Business


Hi! My name is Shellie Campos. I'm the owner/cake designer of Pink Tulips Cakery. My mission is to make those special moments in your life a little more special through cakes!

My cake journey began over twenty years ago by filling many cake requests from family and close friends to celebrate special life events. My own passion and love of baking and creativeness was handed down from my mother, Cindy. My dad, Owen, encouraged me not only to be the best, but also keep things lighthearted and fun. The desire to become a better cake artist and decorator has been fueled by amazing Austin instructors such as Jennifer Bartos, Heidi Swiderski and internationally recognized cake artists such as Debbie Brown, Lauren Kitchens, Bronwen Weber, Kaysie Lackey, James Roselle, Susan Carberry, Peggy Tucker, Wayne Steinkopf, Dawn Butler, and Sidney Galpern.

Pink Tulips Cakery is a family business. From the creation of the logo design to the completed cakes, family is always at the heart of my business. The logo itself represents my family and business philosophy. The color pink and tulips were inspired by my mom. The first set of dots symbolizes my family who help with the design and construction of creative cake stands and turn a cake concept into reality. The second set of dots represent CLIENTS, fellow cake artists, and friends; each of whom inspire, motivate, and encourage me.